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Season II

Trust Me

A farce in two acts by Michael Messmer

Everyone wants something from someone else in the Arden Playhouse production of Trust Me as Harlan (Joshua Sellers, far left)
tries to escape from Samantha (Jody Wills) as Charlene (Elysse Fountain) tries to get her under control and Jennifer (Julia Meese) tries to find the real Charlene while Robert (Andy Anthony) tries to prevent her from finding out what is really going on. Thank you to Amy Williams for stepping into the part of Charlene late in the run.

Siblings, Robert and Charlene have to delay the termination of their trust allowance while they put together a plan to take over their deceased uncle’s company. In order to confuse the lawyer sent to have them sign off on the trust, they switch roles. Unfortunately, the backer for their takeover plan arrives first and they think it’s the lawyer. When the lawyer arrives, the siblings are already up to their eyeballs in deception but now they have to create new cousins to explain why there seems to be two sets of relatives. Complications ensue when Charlene is attracted to the backer and Robert is attracted to the lawyer. Add lemonade that’s been accidentally laced with pain-killer, a need to check a birthmark located on someone’s derriere, a house keeper (who develops a passion for dancing) at her wit’s end trying to keep up with who is who and it’s easy to see why the guests get confused and frustrated.

Trust Me ran Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm September 24 through October 30, 2010.
Sunday matinees at 2 pm October 3 and 17.

Watch video clips from Trust Me


By Michael Messmer

Arden Playhouse is pleased to present Dexterity, a new play by Michael Messmer, Sacramento’s most prolific comedy playwright. Dexterity has a lot of heart and a whole lot of laughs as we see what happens to literary agent Jerry Goodman, a man who may be too kind for his own good.

Jerry has taken an option on a new novel. If he can’t make a deal with a Hollywood producer to pick up the option, he is out of a job (and a huge amount of money). The producer asked Jerry to show him an authentic New England Christmas, so Jerry rented a farmouse in Connecticut. Jerry’s wife isn’t happy about rearranging her life for the holidays but she’s doing her best to make things go well by bringing in part-time help to cook. Immediately complicating matters is a homeless man Jerry brought home. Dexter alters personalities from a barely verbal derelict who may be hearing voices to a seemingly well-educated, erudite and romantic assistant (who may suffer from narcolepsy). The cook thinks there’s something familiar about Dexter and doubts he’s really a homeless person, but a relationship begins to develop between them that adds both confusion and zest. When the producer and his wife arrive early, Jerry and his wife provide a plausible explanation for Dexter’s presence. When Dexter discovers that the producer isn’t what he seems, information is supplied that appears to ruin the deal and Jerry’s career. But Dexter isn’t what he seems, either, returning Jerry’s kindness with surprising generosity.

No one is quite sure who Dexter (Andy Anthony, center on sofa) is but Terry (April Maylene, sofa left) and Dede (Carolyn Gregory) think he's wonderful while Stelle (Missy McVittie, with pan) isn't so sure and Gordon (Jon Beaver, right behind sofa) is skeptical but Jerry (James McClelland) thinks he's worth helping in the Arden Playhouse production of the comedy Dexterity.

Dexterity opened on Friday, November 5, 2010 with performances on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm through December 18th, with Sunday matinees at 2pm on November 14th and 28th.

Watch video clips from Dexterity

Mervin’s Magic

a comedy in two acts written and directed by Michael Messmer  

About the Play:  Some people think wealthy Mervin Coleman can’t run his company because he’s staying away from the office. A psychiatrist has been retained to evaluate Mervin’s competence. Meanwhile, Mervin’s niece (Lisa) wants him to find out if her husband (David) is having an affair. When David shows up to talk about a problem he has with his new business and introduces a strange woman, Mervin thinks she’s the “other woman” and does his best to scare her away. How he sorts out his problems, helps save a marriage, neutralizes his sister and manages to keep the psychiatrist from having him put away makes for a fast-paced comedy (with farcical elements) with lots of twists, sword-fights and surprising warmth.

Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm, January 7, 2011 thru February 19, 2011
Sunday matinees at 2 pm January 16 and 30.

Cast members (from left to right) John Hanley, Monique McKisson, Amy Williams, and Andy Anthony
have a family moment in Mervin's Magic at Arden Playhouse.

Watch video clips from Mervin's Magic

The Murder Room

by Jack Sharkey
(produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.)

mystery farce in three acts

About the Play:  Wealthy Edgar Hollister marries Mavis Templeton who, after a few hours of blissful marriage, apparently tries various ways to kill him. The Murder Room is a  comedy described as Abbot and Costello meet Agatha Christie with some Monty Python thrown in. It is a wild send up of every murdermystery ever written.

Not knowing they are engaged, housekeeper Lottie (Patty Thiel) is shocked to see
Barry (James McTernen) and Susan (Amy Williams) kissing
in the Arden Playhouse production of THE MURDER ROOM.

The Murder Room ran March 4, 2011 thru April 16, 2011
Friday & Saturday at 8 PM
Sunday matinees at 2 pm March 13 and 27.

Fool’s Retreat

by Michael Messmer

(a farce in two acts)

About the Play:  Chris, an accountant running from the mob, has been taken by Diane to hide in a women’s health resort. Magda manages the resort with the help of Maxine. Gwen, an actress with problems, is there for help. Rudy, the mob hit-man arrives disguised as a doctor. An overheard phone call leads Diane to think Gwen is the hit-man in disguise, which leads to all sorts of hilarious situations. Then things get really complicated as Chris dons another disguise to find out what is going on, forgets who he is (thanks to a couple of slams from a lethal door) and becomes the object of affection of several women for very different reasons.

The show opened April 29, 2011
and ran Friday & Saturday at 8 PM thru June 11, 2011
Sunday matinees were at 2 pm May 8 and 22.

Magda (Rebecca Keller) and Rudy (Scott Plotkin) take a break on the sofa and try to sort out what is happening while another chase with Maxine (April Maylene, right rear) trying to get away from Chris (Andy Anthony, rear center) who is also trying to get away from Diane (Marisa DePaulo) passes through the lobby in the madcap farce Fool’s Retreat at Arden Playhouse.

Watch video clips from Fool's Retreat

Lovely in Danger

by Dave Chapelle

August 5 - 27 at 8pm on Fri. & Sat. nights; Sun. matinees on August 14 & 21 at 2pm

Shady, evil and dishonest Filmore Filcher uses various disguises and treacherous tactics to get his greedy paws on the Lovely Ranch, owned by beautiful Amy Lovely and her stalwart Aunt Aggie. Filcher and his not so silent partner, Morganna Snit, want to build a luxury resort and health spa catering to the very rich on the Lovely’s ranch. Will the ladies see through Filcher and Morganna’s sneaky scheming or will they lose everything? Only true-blue Hoot Galoot can save the girl he loves and her ranch...but will he be in time?

Director: Candi Pickering

Our hero Hoot Galoot (Brady Hollis, center) is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the villain Filmore Filcher (Ron Baker) from taking the family homestead from the woman he loves, the lovely Amy Lovely (Amanda Dyba) in the Arden Playhouse production of LOVELY IN DANGER.

Lovely in Danger is a melodrama with a shorter than normal running time.
This show will be specially priced at $10.00 and is suitable for the whole family!
No group rates for Lovely in Danger.


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